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KMD Tuning V2.1 Fuel Pump Kit w/ Armoloy Coating

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V2.1 Fuel Pump Kit w/ Armoloy Coating
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We have changed the current KMD HPFP to version 2.1.

Version 2.1 adds a longer pressure end of the pump shaft. We found that this increases functionability as well as throttle response.We have also included a moly grease with the kit to prevent dry start up wear. We have found that this helps the life of the pump.

The KMD fuel pump kit replaces the stock pump internals. With up to 40% more fuel in the midrange.

This kit was designed to provide that extra fuel all 2.0T FSI's need from stage 2 to big turbo kits.KMD offers a limited 1-year warranty on our fuel pumps from original date of purchase regardless of which software you are using.  Please refer to our warranty policy under the “Terms and Conditions” section for complete details or e-mail for a copy.

NOTE: Before installing kit please check to make sure that your camshaft and fuel pump have been updated or checked by Audi/VW.

KMD Tuning has taken its popular 2.0T fuel pump upgrade to another level

  We have always tried to bring you the best product at an affordable price. With over 600 fuel pumps on the market across the world, KMD has had extensive testing and feed back from our wholesalers as well as customers. With that said KMD has added a coating to the fuel pump shaft to further protect the fuel pump from friction and wear. After a long testing process we decided to use a coating called Armoloy. Here are some specs and information provided by Armoloy.

Armoloy® Nodular Thin Dense Chromium is a low-temperature (136°F to 140°F), multi-stage metal finishing process based from chrome-plating technology.

Unlike conventional chrome-plating processes, Armoloy® utilizes proprietary chemical solutions and unique application techniques that are carefully monitored to produce its Nodular Thin Dense Chromium coating which follows the exact contours of the basis metal with accurate deposit thickness. 

Armoloy® when applied to surfaces, creating a hard, slippery, and corrosion resistant surface. All threads, flutes, even scratches and blemishes, are reproduced in detail with 100% adhesion to the basis metal.

NODULARITY - What most sets Armoloy® coating apart from conventional chromium coatings is its micro nodularity, seen here at approximately 500X magnification. These nodules reduce contact surface and retain lubricants, in effect acting like "micro ball bearings" that dramatically reduce friction, while exhibiting improved wear life and corrosion resistance. 

 Armoloy® achieves nodularity using a refined electrocoating process that deposits a 99% pure metallic chromium layer of typically only .0001" - .0002" thickness that bonds with the base metal surface and provides absolute adhesion without changing base metal characteristics.

ABSOLUTE ADHESION – Armoloy® coating will not chip, flake, crack, peel or separate from the base metal under standard ASTM bend tests or under conditions of extreme heat or cold.

HEAT AND COLD TOLERANCE – Armoloy® coating exhibits outstanding temperature tolerance and stability, withstanding temperatures of –400°F to 1600°F (-240°C to 870°C). At elevated temperatures above 1200°F it will react with carbon monoxide, sulfur vapor, and phosphorous. A bright red heat oxidation occurs in steam or alkali hydroxide atmospheres. At temperatures above 1400°F, hardness and wear resistance will be reduced.

 The distinct characteristics of added density and controlled micro-nodularity are what separate Armoloy® from all other surface coatings. The Armoloy® "micro ball bearings" yield exceptionally low friction coefficients. Armoloy® can be operated against itself to further reduce friction, wear and fatigue. The addition of lubricants to the contact surfaces can bring static and sliding friction coefficients to below 0.14 - 0.12. Armoloy® does not affect the basis metal, nor does it induce premature metal fatigue. It can be used to reduce or eliminate galling.

HARDNESS – Armoloy® Nodular Thin Dense Chrome has an equivalent hardness of 78 Rc as deposited. Vickers Diamond measurements produce a 1020-1100 hardness rating. The 78 Rc surface hardness shows no brittleness nor micro-cracks in its surface when viewed up to 500X.

UNIFORM DEPOSITS WITHOUT THICKNESS OR EDGE "BUILD-UP" – Armoloy® coating will range from 0.000050" to 0.0004" (1 micron to 10 microns) per side. Normal proven average deposits are in the 0.0001" to 0.0002" per side range (2,5 to 5 microns). The Armoloy® process does not create "edge build-up".

AESTHETICS -- Used as the final coating on the shaft Armoloy® coating imparts an attractive satiny silver matte finish. This finish is not the actual Armoloy coating but merely for aesthetics

*KMD Tuning has been informed by some of our dealers that a company is counterfeiting KMD HPFP’s. We are working on getting this distributor to remove our name from their product as their pump has a +30% failure rate.  When purchasing a KMD HPFP please be sure the source is trusted and make sure you receive a KMD warranty card to validate the product and to maintain the warranty.

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