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KMD Tuning Fuel Pump Kit w/ TiCN coating

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Fuel Pump Kit w/ TiCN coating
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KMD Tuning is proud to announce the development of our new high pressure fuel pump kit for the 2.0T engines.  KMD strives to continuously make headway on our products so after months of testing and with the expertise of the Unitronic team we’ve made several advances to our high pressure fuel pump kit.  This new pump features slight differences from its predecessor such as Titanium CarboNitride coating* and a slightly thicker shaft for higher fuel pressure. 

With the advancement of the KMD Tuning high pressure fuel pump, Unitronic has released impressive power figures (click here for more information).

The KMD fuel pump kit replaces the stock pump internals with up to 40% more fuel in the midrange.  This kit was designed to provide that extra fuel all 2.0T FSI's need from stage 2 to big turbo kits. Before installing this kit please check to make sure that your camshaft and fuel pump have been updated or checked by Audi/VW. KMD offers a limited 1-year warranty on our fuel pumps from original date of purchase regardless of which software you are using.  Please refer to our warranty policy under the “Terms and Conditions” section for complete details or e-mail sales@kmdtuning.com for a copy.

KMD Tuning would like to personally thank Unitronic and Mike Z. for their dedication to this project!

*Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN-MP) Coating

  • Hard (harder than carbide, 3x hard chrome)
  • Inert and stable material
  • Extremely strong adhesion - molecular bond to substrate metal
  • Uniform coating with no buildup on edges
  • Follows surface texture of the part
  • High Temperature tolerant
  • Non-oxidizing
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Metallic gold appearance
  • Low fatigue - very high compressive stress
  • Eliminates galling, fretting, microwelding, seizing and adhesive wear
  • Smooth operation of moving components
  • Wear resistance on precision components
  • Low friction
  • Little dimensional impact, perfect for close tolerance parts

Please note: Each KMD fuel pump kit (with armoloy coating and TiCN coating) comes with a warranty card that contains a unique serial number to identify each kit.  If you purchase a kit from a third party please be sure the kit is complete with the warranty card as warranties and technical support will not be offered without it.  If you would like to inquire about or validate a serial number or authorized dealer please call 908-232-5777 or e-mail mara@kmdtuning.com.

To all KMD V2.1 fuel pump kit owners:  All warranties for the KMD Tuning V2.1 FSI Fuel Pump Kit w/ Armoloy Coating (part number 03021) will be replaced with the same part.  Warranties for the Fuel Pump Kit with Armoloy Coating will not be replaced with the new KMD Tuning High Pressure Fuel Pump kit (part number 03020).

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