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CP-E Выпускной коллектор

Выпускной коллектор
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We are proud to introduce the most durable turbo manifold available for the Mazda MZR engine, the cp-e™ 304 Stainless Steel =LRTmani™ Turbo Manifold. 

We started doing the design work on this manifold in 2007. We first started with extensive CMM data from the stock engine bay area (to determine constraints in the design), and the stock manifold to make sure we could replicate the cylinder head flange exactly. With this data, we knew where we could route the runners, and we were able to keep the stock turbo geometry / placement. With this, if you choose to run our manifold with a stock turbo and internal wastegate, you will be able to with no problems. 

Though it has been a long wait for this exhaust manifold, cp-e™ chose the path of producing a casting for its durability and to achieve an equal length manifold at an affordable price. CFD analysis was used to help create this manifold, to make it as efficient as possible. The manifold is very versatile and allows end users to go from a stock turbo to a stock replacement turbo or even to a radical v-band turbo. 


Stock Flange to Flange Geometry (ability to use the stock turbo, if desired)
Cast 304 Stainless Steel
Ready to Support 700+ Horsepower

Zero Chance of Cracking (weld-less manifold design)

Optional Stock Laser Engraved Turbo Flange
Optional TiAL Stainless Steel Turbo V-Band Flange (~54.8mm opening)
Optional Precision Turbo V-Band Flange
Integrated External Wastegate (can be used immediately or at a later date) (~44mm opening) 
Optional 304 Stainless Steel Laser Engraved Block Off Plate with 304 Stainless Steel Clamp
Cast Merge Collector Spike
Equal Length Runners

Relief Cuts in 304 Stainless Steel Head Flange

Fits MZR 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.3 DISI Mazda Vehicles

Diamond Extrusion for Consistency of Internal Finish.

Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA

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$990.00 (USD)