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CP-E Billet Battery Tray

Артикул: MMS6BATT
Billet Battery Tray
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The OEM battery weighs in at almost 40 lbs. Not only is it heavy but it is also an eyesore. Custom Performance Engineering Inc., (cp-e™) realized that there was room for improvement here. cp-e™ started with the lightest and most durable battery on the market, the Odyssey Drycell™ battery. Odyssey batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mats (AGM) technology. This technology contains all the electrolyte (acid) in glass mats, meaning that there is no liquid to spill. This also allows the battery to be mounted in any position.
Utilizing state of the art CNC machinery and aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, we developed a battery tray that lightens front of the car by 25 lbs and mounts the Odyssey Drycell battery securely. The battery weighs only 15.4 lbs. The battery tray was also designed to sit as low as possible in the car to help with weight distribution

This battery tray is designed specifically for the MazdaSPEED6

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