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CP-E Xcel NANO Short Ram Intake

Артикул: MMS3XN
Xcel NANO Short Ram Intake
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Representing one of the biggest bang-for-the-buck upgrades, CPE is proud to release the newest addition to their XcelT product line: The XcelNANOT!

'NANO' is a prefix for 10-9 (one-billionth) or something really, really small.
CPE felt this name was fitting because the new intake is a miniaturized version of the popular XcelT cold air intake. CPE has basically trimmed all of the non-critical elements from the cold air intake.

The XcelNANOT is beautiful because it is so elegantly simple. It features the ultra-precise CNC machined aluminum mass air meter housing. The computer controlled machining process ensures that the housings have the same diameter for the most accurate fuel trimming. CPE of course also includes an aluminum stock-style airflow straightener which greatly improves mass air sensor precision.

The XcelNANOT comes with all hardware required for a complete and professional looking installation.

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$250.00 (USD)