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CP-E TiAL Бай-пасс клапан

Бай-пасс клапан
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The MZR 2.3 DISI vehicles use a by-pass-valve (BPV) system to recirculate excess pressure from the turbo when the throttle closes. When upgrading from the factory valve – it’s important to maintain this system.

Tial has recently released a recirculating variant of the popular Q valve, one the best valves on the market. The Tial QR valve is a beautiful piece, fully precision CNC machined and turned and CAD designed to flow as much air as possible in a small form factor.

We at cp-e™ designed a kit for the Mazda MZR 2.3l DISI motor to specifically utilize the new Tial QR Valve. The kit comes with everything needed for a completely bolt-on, carefree and easy installation.

We designed a low profile CNC machined adapter flange to bolt on to the factory location and interface with the QR valve. We also included our new, specially designed HeliHose™ - a flexible silicone hose that routes the vented air back into the inlet pipe, following the OEM design. The supplied Stainless Liner clamps ensure a tight fit without damaging the silicone.


CNC Billet aluminum adapter flange
Tial QR and Q valve compatible
CNC turned aluminum recirc fitting (VTA application REQUIRES tuning)
cp-e™ HeliHose™ flexible silicone hose for perfect fitment
Stainless Liner clamps
Complete Bolt-on application and install
All hardware and instructions included
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime warranty

This kit will not fit with the stock air box.  
This kit will not fit the SPEED3 Gen1 cp-e™ FMIC kit.

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$350.00 (USD)