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Turbosmart StreetUnit Black Out Edition Compact двух-портовый блоу-офф клапан

Black Out Edition Compact двух-портовый блоу-офф клапан
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Lightweight and compact, the SU Black Out Edition Dual Port Blow Off Valve bolts directly to the factory mounting points with no specialized tools needed. Supplied with a 'screw-in' blanking plug for easy conversion to a fully recirculating (Plumb Back) or a fully atmospheric (Supersonic) BOV.

The Compact valve features sequential recirculating/atmospheric ports for total flexibility, tool-free adjustment via a rotating cap and a 360 degree rotating nipple.

The Compact Dual Port Blow Off Valve is three BOVs in one. The Dual Port can be configured to vent to the atmosphere (VTA), recirculate into the air intake or BOTH! This blow off valve is also adjustable allowing you to tune the BOV to meet the needs of your car. This is done simply by a turn of the hand. No tools are required to adjust the stiffness of the blow off valve. The recommended setup for TurboSmart Blow Off Valve kit on the MAZDAMPS/CX-7 is the Dual Port option. Using the Dual Port setup, the BOV will recirculate under low boost driving. During high boost situations, the BOV will VTA and recirculate into the intake.

Benefits of the TurboSmart BOV Kit over ALL other BOV kits:

* Recirculates under light boost/normal daily driving conditions
*VTA and recirculates under high boost conditions or compression surge
* BOV spring rate is tunable to the vacuum of your car
*No stalling or backfiring when adjusted properly * 3 in 1 BOV: VTA in tandem with Recirculation (recommended), 100% Vent to Atmosphere, or 100% Recirculation
* Holds more boost over stock valve
* Increases drivability and responsiveness
* Get the BOV sound of a VTA setup with all the benefits of a recirculation setup
* Recirculation helps maintain proper A/F Ratios
* Gain Top End Horsepower

No other blow off valve kit can do everything that this TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Kit can do!

The TurboSmart Compact Blow Off Valve Kit comes complete with everything needed to bolt-up the TurboSmart BOV and run the recommended Dual Port configuration on your Mazda.

The StreetUnit Kit Includes:

* Street Unit Performance Black Out Edition Compact Dual Port Blow Off Valve by Turbosmart
* 18in of 3/16in ID Vacuum Tubing (Red, Blue or Black)

Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0205-1009
BLACK: TS-0205-1010

APPLICATION: Suits Mazdaspeed (MPS) 3, 6 and Mazda CX7, Subaru Legacy/Liberty GT, WRX MY08-current, Forester MY08-current.

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