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Brembo High Performance GT Brake Kit

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High Performance GT Brake Kit
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Brembo's product research and development for the High Performance GT 'Big Brake Kit' for the Mazda MPS 3 has resulted in a braking system with technical features that guarantee excellent braking power in conditions ranging from normal traffic to the toughest High Performance driving. This kit will include everything to make this kit a 'bolt-on' application.Kit Includes:

* 2 Four Piston Calipers ( Red, Black or Silver )
2 Drilled Disc Rotors *
2 Brake Pads
* Brake Line
Advantages of High Performance Brake Kits:
Brake pads with constant friction coefficient in all conditions, even the toughest. *
Drilling/Slotting constantly 'revives' the friction material, guaranteeing consistent performances over time. *
Drilling/Slotting prevents the formation of a film of water on the disc surface in case of rain. This means that the system works effectively even on the first braking action. *
The products are 100% compatible with the standard components. *
The Drilling/Slotting design is a result of extensive, optimized experience and research into each disc: peak performances are guaranteed in total safety. *
The disc hole shape is designed for top performance and minimum additional wear to the brake pads. *
The protective galvanizing treatment improves the disc's appearance and prevents corrosion. *
The discs used are produced with high carbon cast iron.

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