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StreetUnit Billet Aluminum Side Motor Mounts

Артикул: SUMS3ASMM
Billet Aluminum Side Motor Mounts
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* Street Unit Motor Mounts are CNC machined billet aluminum
* Bushings are high quality, solid 68-72A durometer urethane
* Helps eliminate unwanted wheel hop that plagues all Mazda3 and MPS3 vehicles
* Nearly controls torque steer
* Recover torque lost in the drivetrain
* Billet aluminum is aesthetically very pleasing in the engine bay
* Minimize drivetrain lash and engine movement
* Must have for all Mazda 3 vehicles
* Bolt-on installation and does not require the motor to be removed
*We recommend the use of both mounts together.

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$370.00 (USD)