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CP-E XCel Cold Air Intake

Артикул: MMS3XCI
XCel Cold Air Intake
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Application: Mazda MPS3
Inner Diameter: 3.0 inches

Custom Performance EngineeringT, Inc., (CPET) is proud to announce the release of its XCel Intake for the MazdaSPEED3!

The factory intake is great at one thing, suppressing horsepower and all the cool sounds that a turbo car makes! There is only one inlet on the Mazda MPS3 factory airbox. There is a substantial amount of horsepower to be made by replacing the intake.
Turbo cars are very sensitive to temperature increases, therefore in testing CPE tried both a short ram intake and a cold air intake (CAI). After measuring temperatures throughout the intake track CPE determined that a CAI was in order.

The XCelT Mazda MPS3 intake is the first intake that will not set a check engine light (CEL). CPE spent a great deal of time engineering and figuring out a way to mass produce an intake that wouldn't set a CEL.
The CPE system includes a machined mass air flow housing and an air flow straightener for maximum gains and to avoid problematic CELs.

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